Less Cost.
JUST $25/Month Per Extension
  • Local Calls
  •  Long Distance
  •  Voicemail
  •  Call Waiting
  •  Simple Setup
  •  No Expensive Hardware
One of the best features of 8x8 is the simplicity. Unlike other VOIP provides, there's no expensive PBX hardware or elaborate network equipment necessary. All you need for 8x8 is an Internet connection -- That's it! Just plug in your VOIP phone to Ethernet, and you've got your phone system!

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize business efficiency by providing reliable hardware, proven security solutions, and the highest level of service possible. Elite is not just a name -- it's a pledge.
Noah Auman - Owner and CEO
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Growing and Protecting Businesses and Professionals for over 15 years.
Since 2002, Elite Networks LLC has been the trusted support provider for thousands of businesses and professionals throughout Ohio. Today, we support systems across the entire Nation. Let us protect your most important assets with proven, comprehensive solutions.
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