Tailor Your Protection With Customized Services
Antivirus + Patching + Backup + Support
Cybercrime Is Not Your Only Enemy...
Every single day companies everywhere suffer severe downtime, reputation damage and production loss... not only by cyber-criminals, but by employee actions and hardware failure. 
Just Support
Basic Security
Security + Patch
Full Protection
Managed Antivirus
$5/month per PC
Antivirus + Managed Patching
$15/month per PC
Antivirus + Patching + Managed Backup
$30/month per PC
PRO Services
$50/month per PC
Instant Remote Support
Remote Support
Remote Support
Limited Support
FREE Unlimited Support
and get all the features of Managed Protection with included maintenance, enhanced monitoring, and priority support -- FREE, no matter if by phone, remote, or on-site service.
is the absolute minimum --Specifically, you need a Managed Solution. Your standard Antivirus does not have the protection that we offer with our enterprise-class Managed Services.
are being released every single week to combat vulnerabilities found in common software. Hackers know these vulnerabilities exist, and will target machines without these specific patches.
can mean the difference between picking up and moving on, versus closing your doors and giving up. Our System-Image backups ensure we can restore your system to operational condition.
Additional Plan Considerations:
PRO Managed Servers
$100/month per Windows Server
PRO Managed Network Devices
$30/month per Router, WAP, or Device
"Backups, Virus Protection... so many elements not previously addressed and I know I don't have to worry about any of that with you at the helm. Thanks, Noah."
Do you know what your PC is trying to tell you?  Pro Services lets us tap-in "under the hood" to diagnose and prevent issues.
With PRO services, we enable advance monitoring of system health, performance, and functionality. Having statuses monitored means better preventative measures and detection.
Do you know how much Remote Services save?  Not just money: time and frustration.
With PRO services, the support you need is just a phone call away. Enjoy free priority support, whether it be a phone call, remote session, or on-site service.
Get Started in One-Click
No Fee, No Obligation.
Managed Services is not a replacement for proper systems security hardening such as (but not limited to) proper passwords policies, folder securities, administrative restrictions, group policy, obsolete practices, etc.. Ask about comprehensive network-wide evaluations to better protect your systems. Managed Services provides recommended security implementations that are considered to be a requirement by today's standards. Services do not guarantee immunity from all exploitation. Our services are provided on a "best effort" basis, meaning we put forth every effort to ensure proper protection practices are in place. For more information about Managed Services and technical implementations, contact us.
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